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What you'll find here depends upon what you're looking for. For a top-notch print and web designer you'll most likely be interested in my Design Portfolio. Publishers, digital artists and cartooning fans might find the Illustration area of interest, while Vintage Vehicle, Hot Rod and Airplane afficienados will definitely want to check out the Cars & Planes section.

Late 2012 brings two new publications featuring different design and art disciplines I'm known for. "The Illustrator CS6 WOW! Book", by Sharon Stauer, shows several of my pieces and shares some of my methodology. "Painter Gallery: Fine Art Gallery of the World's Best Painters", by South Carolina photographer Cecil Williams, is being edited and prepared for print. It's an honor to be included in these books.

Whatever it is that brings you to my site, thanks, and I hope you enjoy yourself. I designed and built the site myself, but I'm primarily a designer and artist, not a programmer. If you're looking for an intelligent, well-rounded and efficient designer for your next web or print project, give me a call. If I can be of help to you I'd love to talk.

Don Pen Sig

Like my artist dad, I've picked up the "bug" of drawing vintage cars and airplanes. They're turning out to be quite popular, and a heck of a lot of fun.